As your therapist I offer a safe, client centred approach to every session. I will encourage you to experience new processes which may enable personal wisdom to surface. I strongly believe that we each hold our own answers to ease us away from the  'Stuck' feelings that we commonly experience. Often it is the process of witnessing our truths that enables transformation.


I am practiced in the benefits of: 


The sessions will always be guided with your needs and preferences first and foremost. Face to Face and ZOOM sessions are available.  


  • Bachelor in Holistic Counselling - Phoenix Institute

  • Associate Degree Holistic Counselling - Phoenix

  • Advanced Diploma in Art therapy - Phoenix

  • Diploma in Corporate Wellness - Centre of Excellence

  • Advanced Certification in Animal Assisted Psychotherapy and Master Class in Trauma Interventions Short Documentary Here- Lead the Way Institute

  • Cert Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competency - N.S.W University

  • Cert 1V in Training - Victoria University 

I have been working in private practice since 2012. During my counselling career I Have worked with a variety of  people in our community, including those experiencing refugee and displacement status,  homelessness, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and survivor of domestic violence and those recovering from addiction with intravenous and other drug use and alcohol abuse. 


  • Registered Mental Health Practitioner in Private Practice since 2012 - ongoing

  • Adult Creative Arts Therapy Group,                                                 Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre, Altona, 2012 - ongoing,

  • Psycho Education in Trauma Informed Care, Corporate, 2018 - ongoing

  • Pain Management Support Group - Wyndham Council, 2018 - 2020

  • Art therapist consultant at an end of life hospice for chronically and terminally ill children. Very Special Kids / Creative Art Therapy Australia 2014- 2019 

  • Advocate for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse       2004 - ongoing

  • ........................................................................................................

  • Aged care working with people experiencing long term mental health issues and a recent, additional diagnosis of dementia 

  • Member of a mental health H.A.R.P team at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne 

  • Art Therapist Inner Space -  Intravenous drug use and other addictions, many homeless

  • Contributor to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Organisations

  • Contributor to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse

  • Recipient of City of Hobson Bay Inspirational Woman’s Award 2012. 

  • Victorian coordinator of Survivors Australia - Support for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse 2010-2011

I continue to be involved in community mental health education,

proactive in reducing mental health stigma and have contributed to improve Australian laws with regards legal responses to child abuse for future generations.

"When we are true to our own values our lives will present less conflict in one's own thoughts, emotions and body felt experiences." (Natalie Rogers.)


Symbology, myth and personal story


Group and individual processes


Music and Movement







I am more than happy to wait in the cart while our client chooses some colour chips for a new creative project. I never get tired of hearing what a good girl I am.