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I look forward  to sharing the Nature Therapy process

Nature Therapy 
Connecting with nature to boost health and maintain wellbeing.

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Nature Therapy / Forest Therapy / Nature Bathing, is a research-based practice which supports healing and wellness through the engagement within forests and other natural environments. Originating in the Black Forests of Germany, this philosophy has been adopted by the governments of the highly populated countries of Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore to improve stress, health and wellbeing of their communities.

I am a qualified Nature Therapist meaning that I utilize the benefits of Forest Therapy and Nature Bathing while providing mental health support in the moment, and engaging strengths-based strategies for the benefit of individuals and the entire group.

While on our walk we integrate mindful practices to engages our senses with the sounds, sights, smells, tactile feelings, tastes, and emotional experiences that each of us holds with our environment. According to the International Handbook of Forest Therapy, being wholly immersed in nature has been medically proven to decrease blood pressure and stress, boost immune system, improved mood, enhance recovery from surgery or illness, aid better focus, enhance creativity, vitality and energy levels as well as improve sleep.

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