Corporate In-Service, Team Building, PD,

Processing Difficult Emotional Material,

Community Psychoeducation

Creative Art Therapy is a fun and insightful way for staff and employees to integrate thoughts and ideas in an environment free from stress. Together we will explore work and vicarious stress and trauma which might be weighing us down. Program deliveries and facilitation will be designed to suit your needs and the needs of your collegues 
My processes deliver a combination of the following processes
  • Group and personal Psycho-education 
  • Industry Related Trauma Informed Care 
  • Stress relief, Mindfulness and Meditation  
  • Creative Arts Therapy
  • Memorials and team grief and loss processing 
  • Team Development and Team Building                                                                                                                                                          Working with small (min 8) or large groups, I will assist in untangleing challenging material that may arise during working hours  which might also trigger stress in personal life experiences.
Sessions are tailored to suite your requirements, with the outcome designed to be fulfilling, insightful, entertaining and appropriate to match the needs of the group and individuals.      

Trauma Informed Workshops And Corporate Wellness 

For many of us, many hours are spent in the work place or traveling to or from. During these times, we may experience life changing events due to working within, witnessing or being the object of a traumatic incident or event. Maybe you work in an environment where you are exposed to trauma or challenging life experiences as part of your profession. Art Of Life Counselling can provide your workplace support and the most up to date training in providing Trauma Informed Care  for work colleagues employees and family members?


  • Working in intimate spaces with the public E.G. beauty and tattoo industries, educators, health care and disability industries. Staff may be exposed to stories of trauma and clients may possibly over share, unknowingly off loading their stress onto staff. This may affect staff members personal mental/physical health who may develop vicarious trauma or burn out over time if not given the opportunity to process and offload.
  • Target Focused Industries often require high bursts of adrenaline. This may be the case in industries such as hospitality, health care and emergency service work. These are also Industries in which workers may experience burn out. 
  • Compassion Fatigue can occur when we don't take the time to process the information that we see, hear and experience as we care for others. We may take on the angst that belongs to a patient , client or student and hold onto it, allowing it to eat into our psyche. 
  • Personal Memorials/Rituals. Rituals are held to celebrate or honour important event, and are vital for the human psyche in event of death or other life changing events that may be affecting an individual, community, team or work space. While creating safety, respect and confidentiality as a priority, I will  facilitate groups for non-religious rituals, co- designed with you to meet your needs and honour the individual or occasion.  
  • I am neither a celebrant nor Justice of the Peace.
CULTR01194 - GOWEST - Event Posters - PR
Early Childhood Education
I have 14 years previous experience as an early childhood educator and can offer comprehensive but entertaining professional development in areas such as attachment theory, relationships, mindfulness and positive communication with children, parents and staff members.

Business owners

I have wide and varied hands on experience in the business world. I have experienced the fast and competitive elements of being a business owner and manager.I understand the complexities  and the complications of balancing work, family and the joys of life.
Forums and Workshops
Often the material offered in forums and workshops can be very draining on the participants especially if the material is of heavy contextual substance. Engaging in some right brain activity can give the left brain the opportunity to absorb challenging material.