Trauma Informed Counselling

Face to face One to One or

Appointments Via Zoom Available

NDIS Self or Plan Managed Clients Accepted

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Trauma Informed Counselling involves being in a therapeutic relationship with a trained and empathic therapist where you will be heard and your unique story will be honoured. As your Therapist, we will clarify your story, enabling us to discover your truth. You may then move forward to fulfill your emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical needs. 

It is my strong belief that each of us has the ability to know our own self, better than anyone else. Some times we may fall victim to our self critic or past judgments made by others. We may also have lived a life on survival mode due to adverse life experiences.  I am trained in a number of psychotherapeutic modalities. Each of them may serve a different purpose in unlocking your inner wisdom and self healing possibilities. 

I successfully completed COVID-19 Training on 20th March 2020 to ensure your safety while under my care.

Free Initial 30 min Phone Consultation


You may choose to participate in a Face to Face Counselling

or you may prefer your sessions over Zoom.

Art Therapy is also available via Zoom.

You will need basic image making materials and paper to participate.

For best outcomes for the client, it is ideal our first three appointments be attended face to face.


One Hr Session 

Full Fee - $95.00

Concession $75.00

1.5 HR Creative Arts Therapy $130.00


Fees are payable by cash or by Electric Funds Transfer

 To avoid a possible cancellation fee of $50.00

please endevour to offer 24hrs notice

No Rebate Available 


Sound and Music Healing

Adult Creative Art Therapy

Image Making

Creative Arts Therapy is the relationship between the client and their inner world expressed in creative and symbolic ways when words are too difficult to find.
  • We keep our group numbers small to enable the representation of a positive family unit experience.

  • We have strong therapeutic bonds due to the safety boundaries that members have created as a group.

  • As a Trauma Counsellor and Art Therapist, I facilitate or run the group while providing emotional safety and opportunities for sharing and change. 

  • At the same time, group members are encouraged to discover personal strengths and mind, body, earth and relationship connections. 

  • This offers members a powerful influence on how I might meet their needs as a group and as individuals.

  • As a facilitator, I will offer many types of psychotherapeutic tools such as positive communication, inner critic awareness, understanding and managing triggers.

  • As personal strengths build and positive relationship with self and others develop, members practice what they have learned in group, in their every day lives.


Symbolism and Archytypes

Adult Creative Arts Therapy Continues to practice during COVID-19. Strict health policies apply.
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Fresh Flower Mandala


For your personal safety, this Health Policy is in place DURING COVID-19 out-breaks

It includes but is not limited to

  • Signing in with the QR code - alternatively- Please sign in with Name, Phone Number

  • Wearing your mask to the Centre

  • Washing your hands with sanitizer on entering the building

  • Remember to keep social distance of 1.5 from other attendees 

  • Unfortunately during outbreaks, it is not advisable to share equipment. Please ONLY USE THE EQUIPTMENT ASSIGNED TO YOU, 

  • At the end of the session, to avoid cross contamination, we each must take responsibility for packing our equipment into our boxes, cleaning and sanitizing our own works tables and sanitizing our chairs.

  • Thank you in advance for you co-operation