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Who Am I ?

My name is Mairead (merade) and I am an Adults Only Practitioner.  

I established Art of Life Counselling as a private practice, specialising

in Trauma in 2012.

​ I am based is Altona,  by the bay in Melbourne's West and provide

workshops all over Melbourne and beyond

Face to Face or via ZOOM

My services include:

  • Holistic Counselling,

  • Transpersonal Creative Arts Therapy  

  • Industry Related Stress and Trauma Informed Training

  • Work place team building and Professional Development

  • Psycho-education 

  • Exposure Therapy for Fear of Dogs (Cynaphobia)

  • Animal Assisted Psychotherapy ( Therapy Dog work )


Together we can work on transforming:

  • Trauma P.T.S.D & C-P.T S D

  • Stress

  • Anxiety 

  • Dissociation 

  • Depression

  • Grief and loss

  • Symptoms of Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs

  • Trigger

  • NB: I am unavailable for AOD or couples relationship counselling 


Previously held positions  

  • Art Therapist and Animal Assisted therapist at The Mews Aged Care

  • Victorian coordinator of Survivors Australia, a support network for                Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse  (Web NA)

  • Art Therapist - Inner Space Specialist AOD.

  • Peer Support Worker  - St Vincent's Hospital Mental Health

  • Public Speaker on P.T.S.D for Victoria Homicide Victims Support Group 

  • Art Therapy Consultant - Very Special Kids  Children's Hospice / Creative Arts Therapy Australia                                                                                                                                                 

In 2012 I was honoured with an Inspirational Women's Award from the

Hobsons Bay City Council for my years of community volunteer work, 

particularly in the field advocacy and support of adult survivors of

childhood sexual abuse.

 Our time together will offer you new opportunities to examine personal

strengths so that you may continue to move forward to a more fulfilling 

life purpose, under your own terms, not ruled by your past.

I believe that learning to gently examine difficult, emotions and body

sensations in the present moment, with sensitivity and curiosity, we

may discover personal perspectives about how to let go of individual past

trauma and the thoughts and behaviours that may have developed in

order to survive at the time.


Trauma Informed Workshops

for the Workplace

I specialise in the intricacies of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D)  and Complex P.T.S.D. which are intense stress responses to traumatic events.


Being prepared for situations before they arise and providing researched,

tested and humanistic information after the event, can reduce the physical, emotional and psychological impacts that may develop.

I back up the psycho-education with valuable tools to aid recovery, maintain psychological health and encourage emotional balance.  


My workshops provide support and training in: 

  •  Psycho-education about brain plasticity and psychological trauma 

  •  Why we may respond the way we do in certain situations

  • Team support in the face of stress and trauma

  • How to leave work content and situations, at work

  • Knowing when you are triggered

  • Stress relief strategies

  • You can also request other mental health specific topics to be delivered

 With over 10 year experience in public speaking, presentations, MC  and

educational presentations, you can be assured that you will receive a quality

delivery, safe facilitation and entertaining experience


NB: I am unavailable for marriage guidance or family counselling,

child, adolescent or addiction counselling.



Mairead Ashcroft

Engagement with Moon Shadow may help with understanding your personal strengths, engaging in play with your inner child and processing relationship patterns. 

Exposure therapy will include getting to know the "Dog Squad", our little fluffy helpers.

Delivering Trauma Informed Counselling and Art Therapy in Private Practice for 9 years

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