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Make yourself a Priority.Boost your Understandingof Mental Health Self Care,Wellbeing and Life Balance.Practice Stress and Anxietyalleviating methods in anintimate group setting.

When we learn to Replace Judgement with Curiosity, we open our consciousness to discover Renewed Options and Fresh Perspectives, creating a more regulated central nervous system.

Regulating our thoughts and emotions encourages us to practice Responding rather than Reacting at times when we might otherwise experience stress and anxiety.

As we continue to practice with Curiosity, we can Re-build Neural Pathways to assist in reducing the Flight, Fight, Freeze, Fawn reactions which may become heightened over time, particularly after experiencing a challenging or threatening experience.  

Curiosity Acronym from Art of Life & Curiosity
Workshop, Professional Developement & Retreat elegebility
You can join Mairead and the team in planned community events or request your own private group event at your own venue. If you would like to book an Art of Life Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshop, just drop us an email - 
We would be thrilled to accommodate your needs.

During your 7 hour Art of Life and Curiosity retreat, you will discover


~ The practice and personal teaching principles of the Japanese self-discovery process of Kintsugi.


~ How to sort through a mind brimming with ideas and/or thoughts to settle them into a prioritised order through Focus Therapy.


~ The Art of Life and Curiosity book and reflection cards. Be guided in creating a group immersive Wellness Wheel and explore the idea that we can be drawn to different elements of the wheel as we need them.


~ The insightful individual Wellness Wheel, using the principles practiced throughout the day. This practice can then send you home with a Holistic tool to use when ever you wish.

~ A beneficial connection to your inner child through play and sharing.

~ Opportunities to discover the origins of unhelpful patterns of behaviour and perceptions, and contemplate transformative, forward movement.  

(7 Hr Retreat begins at 9.30 am and concludes at 4.30 pm)













Your Art of Life and Curiosity Mental Health Wellness Retreat includes


~Facilitation from a qualified Holistic Counsellor / Transpersonal Art therapist / Wellness coach, and adult education trainer, to enable safe and meaningful, personal insight and processing.

~5 Star morning tea, hot lunch and afternoon tea, cofee, tea and water. You may bring a drink bottle with your own beverage if you wish

~ An exquisite, blank paged, cloth covered art journal in a choice of fabrics for you to take home.

~ A portable creative art tool kit for you to take anywhere and use any time for journaling, self expression and your enjoyment. ( 12 water colour pencils, 6 20ml paint tubes, 2x paint brushs with water reserve, 2 x regular paint brushes, 1x scisors, 1x glue stick, 1x graphite pencil with eraser, 1x pencil sharpener with catcher )

~ Your completed Kintsugi bowl. 


~ A number of insightful creative works for you to use as a steppingstone into further self-discovery using your Art of Life and Curiosity book.

~ The knowledge to design and use your own individual Wellness Wheel in 2D or 3D

~ A group assistant to support your needs during the retreat.


~ 1x 30 min counselling/coaching session, phone or zoom, prior to the retreat. (optional)

~ 1x 30 min counselling/coaching session, phone or zoom, post the retreat. (optional)

~ A certificate of attendance listing therapeutic modalities and outcomes.


~ The opportunity to purchase your own set of Art of Life and Curiosity Refection Cards - $49.00 


~Total of up to 8 PD Hours (7 hr Wellness retreat, 30 min prior and 30 min post retreat)

                            Kintsugi                                                          Art of Life and Curiosity Wellness Book










Therapeutic benefits of attending the Art of Life and Curiosity One Day Retreat

When we participate in a cohesive group, where opinions, life stories and individuality is respected and appreciated, we may experience opportunities to rewire damaging family system dynamics, gain empowerment and give ourselves permission to move forward.


Active Listening and Dadarri

  • Listen with our whole body in order to understand and appreciate other’s perspectives.

  • Enable a clearer process of ideas in your personal and work life.

  • Aboriginal Elder Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann, 2021 Senior Australian of the year, describes Dadirri as inner quiet, still awareness, waiting, and being available to everyone.

Creative Art Therapy

  • Use image making, movement, and music to shift unconscious material into consciousness with the intention of meaning making to create beneficial insights and perspectives. 

  • Give a voice to untapped longings, and unspoken truths that often go unheard.

  • Unlock your dormant creative energy and inspiration. Appreciate it's importance in work, rest, and play.

Flight, Fright, Freeze, Fawn

  • Understand why your body reacts the way it does to certain stimuli, and how to make valuable intentional changes with simple and convenient to use practice.

  • Take action in the functioning of the amygdala and autonomic nervous system to aid healthy blood pressure and breathing rates.

Focussing Therapy

  • Discover links between your emotions and behaviours by identifying and naming your emotions.

  • Learn how to safely prioritise your emotions with the intention of processing challenging thoughts and feelings.

  • Manage complex experiences and processes by uncluttering the mind and emotions

Inner Child Integration

  • Recognise the importance of play in adult life. 

  • Engage your curiosity, intuition, sense of humour and openness to learn.

  • Replace judgement with curiosity to become a student of your own life experience.

  • Inquire into work and personal challenges as if they are adventures to be explored.



  • Appreciate the strength of understanding our vulnerabilities.

  • Learn to self compassion in order to heal. 


  • Practice the 3 key Characteristics of Mindfulness (Buddhism) - Intention, Attention, Attitude, and the 7 Key Attitudes to Mindfulness (Jon Kabat Zin) - Beginner’s Mind, Non-judging, Acceptance, Letting Go, Patience, Trust, and Non-Striving.

  • Learn how to integrate these practices into your present life experience.

  • Release past pain and perceived anxieties about the future.

  • Cut ties that bind you to unnecessary burdens.

Responding V’s Reacting

  • Recognise unhelpful actions that result without intentional thought that keep you feeling stuck.

  • Transform unhelpful actions into conscious, constructive responses, moving you forward at your desired pace.

  • Learn to speak your truth using nonviolent communication. (Marshall Rosenberg)

Wabi Sabi

  • Find beauty in unlikely spaces.

  • Experience tranquility amongst chaos.


Wellness Wheel

  • Following philosophies of the Native American medicine wheel, Australian Aboriginal medicine wheel, the Celtic cross, the Mandala of Eastern religions, and the Labyrinth of Greek mythology, we will create a large medicine wheel designed by the group.

  • Utilizing insights gained from the group Medicine wheel, we will then engage the Art of Life and Curiosity book and Reflective Cards to explore our individual medicine wheel.    ​​​​​​​

Interactive, ThoughtfulExperiences

 Illustrations from the Art of Life and Curiosity Wellness Book and Reflection Cards

Book Review for Art of Life and Curiosity - Mental health, Wellbeing, and Life balance exploration.

Workshops are based of the content of my book 
Art of Life and Curiosity ~ Creative Mental Health, Wellbeing and
Life Exploration

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